• Jasper or Finlay?

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Which is the prettier?

My lovely vase of pink tulips, or Finlay and Jasper?


You can see just how big Finlay is getting now – he’s almost as big as Jasper. They’ve been snarling at each other this week, now Fin is getting to be an even size and weight, Jasper is standing his ground more. I’m sure once they’ve sorted the pecking order out, they’ll be fine.


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Hungry Boy

As we have both Jasper and Finlay to feed, I buy their biscuits in bulk, and fill up smaller tupperware containers.

I had brought their food in from the store room, and filled up their dishes and smaller tubs for the week, turned round and found a cheeky kitten helping himself!

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Paper bags….

…. are almost as much fun as boxes. Well, at least they are if you’re six months old!


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